4 Baviux in a row

Baviux are creatures from a distant planet who love to play "4 in a row", and they want to play with you!

More fun than ever before!


The four difficulty levels will provide fun regardless if you are a novice player or an expert. If you prefer you can play with a friend on the same screen, or via the Internet. Online multiplayer mode allows you to play with players from all over the world.


Play with any of the 10 characters available. Choose the background and the board you like. If your mobile device has a gyroscope, then you can enjoy backgrounds with 3D effect.


Measure your score with players around the world thanks to online leaderboards. And unlock all achievements to prove you are the best!

Notice: Multiplayer, board and background customization, achievements and leaderboards are available only in Android version of “4 Baviux in a row”

User reviews

It is nice to be able to play the board version of this game. It is even better to be able to play a version that you can play on your phone, especially one that looks & plays like this one!

Cutest connect game ever. It actually gives you a chance to win. Plays with you fair and square. It also gives you a variety of characters to pick from. Fun game.