Calendar Widget

A fully customizable calendar widget

The widget you want for your home screen


“My month calendar widget” allows you to create your own customized month calendar, and add it to your home screen. This widget shows a month, indicating which days have events. By default it shows current month, but you can switch between months.


You can customize almost everything of your calendar widget. You can choose between rect and rounded corners. You can set any color for any element you want, including transparencies. You can choose between more than 30 fonts for text elements… Also, you can set the first day of week you want.


Have you created an awesome customized calendar that you love? You can save your own customizations as themes, so you can switch between all of them whenever you want. “My Month Calendar Widget” comes with more than 20 pre-created themes ready to use.

User reviews

Simple and awesome. I love this widget! It does exactly what I want, which is display the current month and let you touch a date to open it in the calendar app. Such a simple thing was so hard to find.

Finally a nice holo theme, basic calendar widget! Looked through so many, it seems amazing so few follow Google design guidelines. Great job.