Voice Changer

Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends

Change your voice and have fun listening to your modified voice!


“Voice Changer With Effects” is the best voice changer app for Android. The proof is that millions of users over the world are having fun with it. Have you ever heard how your voice sounds if you were a robot? or a squirrel? or a monster? If you want to have fun, this app is for you. “Voice Changer With Effects” is the app that will make you laugh.


Do you know how your voice sounds if you breathe in a balloon full of helium? This is a very funny effect. But this is not the only one. “Voice Changer With Effects” offers you more than 40 different effects. You can hear your voice like if you were in a cave, like if you were using a megaphone, like if you were a sheep or a giant, and even like if you were drunk!


You can record your voice, and apply effects to it, but… that’s all? No, there is more! This app allows you to share your modified voices with your family and friends. You can save the recordings you like. You can import any sound in your device and apply effects to it (for instance, you can hear your favorite song like if the singer was an alien). You can import previously saved recordings, so you can combine effects! Also, you can set any recording as ringtone or notification sound. And you can combine a recording with an image to create a video!

User reviews

I was not sure this would be as fun as it has been but, damn!, this app makes me laugh. It’s easy to use and has many more features than I expected it to have. Love it, well done.

Man this app is awesome. My daughter, her boyfriend and me have laughed and laughed at the way we sound on some of these.